“VISTA is a world-class centre for learning. As a regular user of this centre as both an educator and as a student, I believe the service and infrastructure are top notch!”

Daniel M. Sciubba, MD
Associate Professor of Neurosurgery
Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, Maryland USA

“There is no adequate substitute for safe pre-clinical testing of innovative surgical devices by surgeons who will be using these devices on patients. VISTA Lab provides an ideal environment to do this kind of testing to identify areas which need improvement before freezing the final design for manufacture. The ability of VISTA to provide fully vascularized cadavaric arterial systems for pre-clinical product testing and evaluation is a safe and effective way to validate the ergonomics and efficacy of a device before clinical introduction and was a big help during the development of a device to facilitate interventional radiologic procedures.”

John Bookwalter, M.D.

“VISTA Lab provided an amazing atmosphere and environment to host a lab right in the heart of Baltimore. Bill and staff were always so helpful with every last detail and their hospitality was second to none. I was given a lot of exposure to my local surgeons who I had trouble getting in front of in the OR. VISTA is a very inviting place where I could build my business and further strengthen my surgeon and staff relationships.”

Brian Canada
Regional Manager
Stryker Endoscopy

“VISTA Lab is the best training facility I have worked with in my 13 year career. They always exceed my expectations and provide a top notch facility and unmatched customer service from preparation to execution! Bill Sutton and his staff have provided everything we needed for our labs, including set-up, equipment, specimen, monitoring during the program, and clean up in a very professional manner.

VISTA has helped us earn many new surgeons business over the years by providing a professional environment, knowledgeable staff and superb service for our Medical Education Training.

The lab is organized, spacious and the staff assisting is always phenomenal! Thank you VISTA Lab for helping make all of our Medical Education Training Programs a huge success!”

Jamie Sabanos
Professional Education Manager
Acclarent Inc., Division of Johnson & Johnson