World-Class Institution

Located on historic Charles Street, one of the oldest trade routes in the U.S., VISTA is one of the largest laboratories of its kind on the East Coast. Its easily accessible location is right in the midst of a plethora of cultural attractions. Through the sponsorship of corporations, medical institutions, surgical societies, and research groups, VISTA has hosted 2,740 individual lab sessions, and trained more than 5,000 surgeons over the past ten years.

It is rare to fine everything under one roof, as is the case with VISTA. In addition, the Vitruvian Institute of Surgical Training and Anatomy provides senior surgeons and experts in medical engineering to guide junior surgeons through the latest techniques and innovative use of equipment. Another desired consequence of the set-up at VISTA Labs is that it allows surgeons to practice their desired surgical procedues and conduct exploratory research in a more learner-friendly and less tense environment.

We at VISTA are accommodating, flexible, well-equipped and truly understand the needs of sponsoring companies and visiting surgeons. We are not a "9 to 5" facility. If that means a 6 AM set-up, or a 10 PM finish–weekdays or weekends, we are "all-in."

The Company We Keep

VISTA Lab enjoys an ongoing relationship with numerous divisions of industrial leaders, such as Johnson and Johnson, Medtronic, Stryker, Zimmer, Smith and Nephew, and Boston Scientific, to mention a few. VISTA also hosts continuing resident courses hosted by societies American Academy of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) and American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, as well as teaching institutions that include Johns Hopkins, Georgetown and the University of Maryland. VISTA Lab has an international reach, having also trained students from the Philippines, Pakistan, and various African countries. The common sharing and teaching of techniques and experiences, as well as a focus on new research, has allowed VISTA to assist physicians in honing their skills on the path to better patient care. Because of this, many more lives are saved each year.

A Dedicated Team of Experts

Bill has been involved with surgery for thirty three years. He has represented Codman (JJPI), Sofamore Danek/Medtronic Stealth, and Aesculap in sales, product development and national account management. He has held the distinction of "Sales Rep of the Year" for all three companies.

Bill brings an understanding of the goals for each lab as they relate to corporate, product and sales managers. From didactic to food and beverage to the lab session, "seamless" is Bill's motto. Having taken part in countless cadaveric labs through the years, it was Bill's vision to raise the environment and capabilities of lab experiences. The reputation we enjoy, and the loyal support of all of our visiting companies are a testament to VISTA's success.

Starting his career at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Keith advanced from his position as a scrub tech to an Implant Specialist. His knowledge of surgery, anatomy, hundreds of implant sets, and people skills enabled him to efficiently manage Hopkins' entire $22 million dollar implant inventory and keep the operating rooms running smoothly.

In his current role as Assistant Director of VISTA Lab (since 2006), Keith's responsibilities include cadaveric specimen inventory and preparation, organizing equipment sets for the many different procedures, and operating cutting-edge operating room equipment. Most recently, he has designed programs for the Students of Fortis Institute, allowing students to appreciate why a particular instrument is needed, as well as anticipate which instrument the surgeon might ask for.

The Genuine Article

Until recently, there was a move toward "virtual learning" for medical students, including using 3D models of the human body. But that trend is reversing. Now, there is a new emphasis on learning from human cadavers. The digital tools are helpful when they are used to enhance what the cadavers actually show, but they cannot replace the value of learning from real human tissue. Research on actual human tissue simply yields the most accurate results with respect to the viability of new technologies. Any discipline requires practice. For both surgeons and manufacturers, this is the prime way to practice and bring their abilities to a far more desirable level of expertise. VISTA Lab provides a singular venue for this to happen.